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The renewable energy sector continues to show a very dynamic development, as the year 2018 once again demonstrated. According to a recent study by enervis, photovoltaics has achieved market parity and competitiveness in five European countries and wind onshore in four. The signing of the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a non-subsidised wind project in Great Britain, the numerous PPAs concluded in the photovoltaic market on the Iberian Peninsula and the increased introduction of tendering systems in various countries support the results of enervis studies1.

These positive market developments have not escaped the attention of investors either. According to Ernst & Young, the value of the 253 transactions carried out worldwide in the field of renewable energies increased from USD 42.8 billion to USD 48.3 billion. Europe accounts for approximately 40% of this transaction volume2.

After many operators have concentrated on transactions in recent years, efficient asset management is becoming increasingly important as the size of the portfolio increases. Process automation is necessary in order to exploit optimization potential and meet the increasing regulatory reporting requirements. In financial asset controlling, this means, among other things, that the original transaction plan and the periodic plan adjustments can be linked directly to the financial statements and the financial statements processed via automated interfaces. This ensures that the relevant information is evaluated in real time and that measures can be derived from it.

The greenmatch team has set itself the goal of using digital solutions to make investment processes more efficient throughout the lifetime of renewable energy projects. Below you will find an overview of the most important innovations on the greenmatch platform.

A highlight right at the beginning – New product GM Asset Controlling

You receive monthly or quarterly a multitude of data from different sources, which you have to process? This situation will seem familiar to every asset manager. Requesting and processing information is very time-consuming and there are many manual interfaces.

This problem is also known to us. Accordingly, we set about developing a solution for financial asset controlling last year. You want to:

  • monitor the financial investment performance of your portfolio?
  • create standardized year-to-date reports?
  • plan liquidity and distributions?
  • and this without manual interfaces?

This is exactly why we develop GM Asset Controlling. Further information can be found in our blog article “Financial Asset Controlling digitalized” (English version coming soon) .

Are you interested in GM Asset Controlling? One of our specialists will be happy to show you how to keep an eye on the financial development of your projects at all times. Book your personal appointment here.

Modelling of Interest During Construction & staggered maintenance contracts – easy to map with GM Valuation

Our other solutions have also been extended by numerous functions. For example, you would like to model a complex maintenance contract with changing costs over time? In addition, there is a bonus component that takes effect when a certain number of MWh is exceeded? Or would you like to model a construction loan that does not bear interest during the construction phase? Thanks to greenmatch’s generic framework, German trade tax and other tax systems can also be modelled without any problems.

In our Knowledge Center you will find new information on this subject on an ongoing basis. For example, the following articles are available on the points mentioned above:

Would you like to evaluate a project as Proof of Concet or Second Opinion with greenmatch? Schedule an online demo session in which one of our project finance specialists will support you in modelling.

GM Marketplace – The ideal platform for project sellers and buyers

2018 was not only a record year for transactions in the renewable energy sector in general. There was also a lot going on on the GM Marketplace. Numerous wind and photovoltaic projects in Europe but also on other continents found a buyer. A selection of projects offered on the GM Marketplace in 2018 can be found on the following chart.

Would you like to be the first to be informed about new projects on our marketplace? Or are you looking for a suitable investor for your project? We would be happy to support you. Contact us for further information.

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1Enervis, Status Quo: Market Parity of PV and Onshore Wind in Europe
2Ernst & Young, European M&A propels 2018 power and utilities deal value to all-time high


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