Many experts - One language

With greenmatch as central and reliable valuation tool, all market players speak the same language, can interact efficiently and thus concentrate on their respective core business.

What our clients say:



Accelerated transaction process & no time-consuming adjustments of financial models needed anymore


Market standards are ensured; financial model is being continuously reviewed by EY; company processes are being certified according to ISAE 3402


Standardised templates allow for project evaluations independent of country specifics, technology, and project stage

Independent & Secure

As an independent platform, strict data privacy according to Swiss (DPA) and European (GDPR) standards is ensured


Users benefit from a digital platform and all stakeholders can be connected thanks to a sharing funcionality; reports can be integrated into existing processes and tools

Expertise & Service 

Customers have the opportunity to outsource processes to greenmatch experts while focusing on other analyses & insights

Investors & Operators

Investors & Operators

„greenmatch is an integral part of our daily business. From pre-assessment to transaction to long-term financial management, greenmatch provides us with a reliable basis for managing and developing our highly diversified portfolio in a comparable way.

 – Eric Wagner, CEO Aventron AG –

Market advantages with greenmatch

greenmatch is perfect for public utility companies, energy providers, institutional investors, private equity funds, asset managers, independent power producers (IPP) and citizens‘ energy cooperatives 

  • Reliable management of the entire life cycle of finance projects
  • Carrying out a larger number of investments with constant need for professionals
  • Reliable and comparable valuation according to market-trusted standards
  • Reducing costs for project structuring, M&A and asset management
  • Overview of the entire portfolio from the essentials to details

Investment process & greenmatch

  • Control project financials 
  • Compare and report periodically 
  • Revaluate periodically 
  • Convince auditors 
  • Continually optimise projects 
  • Prepare and execute exit 
  • Evaluate repowering options 
  • Structure risk and return profiles 
  • Convince banks 
  • Include team & due diligence partners 
  • Connect data rooms 
  • Create investment proposals 
  • Model and valuate in real-time 
  • Compare projects 
  • Use templates 
  • Strengthen negotiating position 
  • Submit indicative offers 
  • Compare to internal benchmarks 
  • Build and maintain a pipeline 
  • Receive project offers 
  • Adjust investment criteria 
  • Find suitable risk and return profiles 
  • Reduce search and process costs 

Project developers

Project developers

„Despite its standardised financial model, greenmatch offers us the flexibility to structure our projects financially in an efficient way.

– Legal / Sales MBBF Unternehmensgruppe –

Market advantages with greenmatch

greenmatch is perfect for project developers, construction companies, general contractors, project vendors, brokers and exit-oriented operators 

  • Reach a larger number of potential investors for their projects
  • Reducing sales costs for project structuring and M&A
  • Control of development and construction costs

Marketing process & greenmatch

  • Auction projects 
  • Compare indicative offers 
  • Support final negotiations 
  • Gauge margins for negotiation 
  • Create final transaction documents 
  • Create a transaction model in a widely accepted standard 
  • Convince banks 
  • Include team and partners 
  • Document reliably 
  • Connect data rooms 
  • Structure development projects 
  • Model construction costs 
  • Compare alternatives 
  • Analyse financial feasibility 
  • Purchase project rights 



„A highly flexible analysis and application software that incorporates detailed industry-specific know how – unique and integrative

– Harald Dieter Zenke, former CEO KfW IPEX-Bank –

Market advantages with greenmatch

greenmatch is perfect for project finance banks, development banks, universal banks, savings banks, local cooperative banks, private debt, issuing houses, and rating agencies 

  • Comparable & reliable project structuring & evaluation
  • Increased loan closing due to time savings in comparison to spreadsheet applications
  • Reduction of audit costs over the entire credit cycle

Credit process & greenmatch

  • Build and maintain a pipeline 
  • Receive credit applications 
  • Directly include stakeholders 
  • Find suitable risk and return profiles 
  • Structure project finance 
  • Compare projects 
  • Ensure data integrity 
  • Submit indicative credit offers 
  • Act in consortium 
  • Model and evaluate risks 
  • Gauge sensitivities 
  • Document and comment comprehensively 
  • Connect data rooms 
  • Export data in the credit template 
  • Control project financials and covenants 
  • Compare and report periodically 
  • Carry out periodic resubmissions 
  • Perform portfolio comparisons 
  • Include borrowers, internal departments and co-financiers 
  • Export data to rating tools 



By using greenmatch, projects can be analysed and implemented more quickly, reliably and comparably. A recommendable alternative to any internal application

– Michael Hohn, CEO Doren GmbH –

Market advantages with greenmatch

greenmatch builds partnerships in the following areas: financial consulting, project brokerage, auditing, operational management, owner’s engineering, legal consulting, tax consulting, insurance companies, technical assessment, research & teaching, third party software, third party project marketplaces 

Provided partnerships

  • Certified consulting partner 
  • Certified training partner 
  • Distribution partner 
  • Software interfaces (API) 

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