How to add losses to a production unit

This article shows how you can add losses and individually assign them to production units.

  1. Click on “Production” in the Project Navigation and then the “Add” Button in the section “Losses”.
  1. First you can specify the name of the loss. Then you enter the value. You have three different options:
  • Loss: Constant loss per year (%).
  • Efficiency: Constant Efficiency. Is often expressed as availability (e.g. 98% availability equals a loss of 2%).
  • Degradation: Time variable loss. The calculation takes place from month to month thus the loss decreases monthly. The input is an annualized value (Example: A degradation of 2% p.a. means that the efficiency is 98% after the first year, 96,04% after the second year etc.).
  1. You can use the input field “Facilities” to specify the production units for which a loss applies. If all production units are equally affected, select the “All” button. If the loss affects only a single production unit you can select “Some” and you will have the ability to choose the affected one. In case that several production units are affected, select all affected plants.
  1. In the fourth, you determine the “Start” and “End” dates. You have the option to add offsets. This can be used if a loss occurs only after a certain number of months/years after the production. With the aid of offsets you can define availability conveniently for certain operating years (Find out more about relative date relations).
  1. By clicking on “Create” you save the created loss.
  1. The effects of the losses are visible in the “Production” and “Efficiency” graph in the detail view of the affected facilities.