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An intense and incisive year 2022 lies behind us. The turbulence on the energy market resulting from the Russian war of aggression has contributed to a theoretical acceleration of the energy transition. Theoretical, because the practical implementation of the will to expand renewable energy sources has so far been sluggish and because, unfortunately, fossil fuels are being used more and more for the time being to ensure security of supply. Although we too can hear the upswing in the market, in many places we see the current obstacles to the faster realisation of clean energy projects and a sustainable guarantee of success for renewables. Shortages of skilled workforce, approval procedures that continue to be far too long, as well as inefficient and error-prone working methods continue to be challenging. Against the backdrop of the current market development, we see ourselves strengthened in our actions and have once again used the year to contribute our part to a more efficient implementation and the sustainable economic success of renewables by means of modern software. In this blog article, we provide an overview of our developments from 2022.

greenmatch with a new navigation

To make working with greenmatch as intuitive as possible, we have made a number of improvements to the existing product landscape.

Renaming tool areas

On the one hand, our subsections have been renamed. You can read in detail here what exactly has changed.

Clearly arranged project list

On the other hand, we were recently able to publish a new project list, with more management options and a significant improvement in ergonomics.

Archive functions for projects and project variants

To make it easier for our customers to manage large project inventories, we have created various archiving options in 2022. On the one hand, projects that may have become irrelevant at the current time or have been cancelled can be moved to a repository with a restore option. On the other hand, there is also the option of moving project versions that are irrelevant for the moment to a project version archive at project level. Of course, archived project versions can also be restored at any time.

Overview and management of project versions

In addition to the archive function, managing project versions has become even clearer and easier in Projects. With just a few clicks, variants can be overviewed, locked, copied, deleted, moved to the archive (see above) or called up for editing.

New colour structure and cash flow waterfall

For an intuitive and consistent comparability of project structures across projects, we have also introduced new colours for different structuring components. The best way to understand the new colour structure is to look at the cash flow waterfall. What exactly is a cash flow waterfall and what does the greenmatch CFW look like can be read here.

Integration of actual figures in Projects

Another new feature is that current financial statements of the SPVs can now be uploaded, managed and applied directly in Projects. It is now possible to create updated financial plans within just a few clicks. These provide the basis for a pan/actual comparison (e.g. by comparing the initial transaction plan with the latest actualised plan) and thus for financial asset management.

New CSV import options:

The very volatile market conditions prompted us last year to implement a CSV import function for indexations and price curves. As a result, it is now possible to upload current electricity price curves or inflation into greenmatch with just a few clicks and immediately see the effects of the new assumptions.

New certification: ISAE 3402 SOC I Type I

Thanks to our new certification according to ISAE 3402 SOC I Type I, it has now also become easier for highly regulated market players to design their own processes more efficiently with greenmatch. Read here what certification according to ISAE 3402 means and what has changed for our customers as a result of this innovation.

New product: GM Portfolio

We are particularly proud of our latest product, GM Portfolio. With GM Portfolio, projects previously modelled in Projects can be combined into a portfolio and managed financially from a portfolio perspective during operation. Among other things, it is possible to define a reference version and a comparison version for each project and thus, for example, to compare the planned portfolio with the current actual portfolio. This results in a multitude of analysis options, which form the basis for strategic decisions.

Combining projects to a portfolio

In addition to a financial model at portfolio level, the greatest risk potentials within the portfolio can be identified, distribution and liquidity planning can be carried out, and break-evens can be kept in view at portfolio level.

All these and other improvements have made the day-to-day business of our users, such as transaction, asset and portfolio managers, much easier.

Roadmap for 2023

GM Portfolio will remain a development focus for us in 2023. It will be possible to carry out internal benchmarks and various simulations, for example on the impact of new price curves or inflation on an existing portfolio. Furthermore, there will be new possibilities to create personalised reports.

Are you interested in our current development status or would you like to gain an insight into our detailed development roadmap? You are welcome to arrange an online demo with our experts via the following link:


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