2021 – a look back at an exciting year of further developments

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In 2021, the greenmatch development team was able to advance numerous new improvements in our web application: some of them clearly visible and some of them not visible to the user, but which in the background form the basis for future developments. In this article, we summarise the most important development points for our users:

1. Valuation – the transaction model

a. greenmatch gradually shines in a new design

The extremely complex and lengthy migration of greenmatch to a new frontend technology has been largely completed and has given greenmatch a new look, but above all significantly improved further development possibilities. Here are a few examples of the new design:old representation of the production overview:

new presentation of the production overview:

current representation of the project overview:

b. Saving in all project versions

Thanks to this new function, objects in the area of operational expenditures (Opex) can be entered and saved in different project versions across the board. The useful feature helps you to make your financial modeling even more efficient:Step 1 when saving to all versions – “Save for all versions” :

Step 2 when registering in all variants – select the relevant versions:

c. Use of serial production assumptions

More and more greenmatch users were struggling with the increasing complexity of their annually fluctuating production expectations. With the possibility of entering serial production assumptions, we were able to publish an even more flexible solution for this use case, which convinces with its intuitive handling:Serial production assumptions:

d. More flexibility when entering Opex positions

The demands on financial modeling experts are also increasing in the area of opex positions. In order to be able to map even the most complex contract structures, a formula editor has been available since the middle of last year, which enables you to enter your Opex positions using formula language and the variables revenues, revenues of the previous period, net production and power:Opex formula editor:

e. Easy updating of templates from MyData

In uncertain times, inflation or price curves also become increasingly short-lived. Therefore, you can now update your templates in Mydata in a much simplified way and apply them efficiently in your various projects:Easy updating of templates from MyData:

f. Set equity deposit value manually

greenmatch automatically calculates the required equity capital for your projects as the difference between the investment requirement and the deposited financing. For some time now, you have also been able to manually enter an equity payment value at a freely definable point in time and thus compare different financing scenarios even more flexibly:easy updating of templates from MyData:

g. Project versions can now be edited, copied and deleted directly:

In order to be able to create, edit or delete your different project versions as intuitively as possible, we have been able to make our navigation bar at project level much clearer and more functional, partly thanks to the possibilities of our new frontend technology:Project versions can now be edited, copied and deleted directly:

2. Asset Controlling – financially manage assets

a. More flexibility when importing new ledgers

By simplifying the upload of your ledgers from csv files, adjustments to your upload files become obsolete, allowing you to spend more time interpreting the new data:More flexibility when importing new ledgers:

b. GM Valuation & GM Asset Controlling: Simplified switching between both solutions

At project level, it is now possible to switch back and forth between the Valuation and Asset Controlling modules in just a few clicks. This makes the creation of updated financial models much more convenient and clear:
Switch from GM Valuation to GM Asset Controlling:

Switch from GM Asset Controlling to GM Valuation:

3. Portfolio – Keeping the overview

a. Overview of the entire production

Within the portfolio module, you can combine different projects into a portfolio and get an overview of the aggregated production:Overview of production at portfolio level:

b. Aggregated Profit & Loss statement

Of course, you can also keep a close eye on the aggregated portfolio through a complete income statement:Profit and Loss statement at portfolio level:

4. Outlook for 2022:

In 2022, we will also equip Valuation with an even greater range of functions. This includes a simplified upload of data such as electricity price forecasts, production data, etc., as well as a closer link with the current asset controlling tool. The goal will be to be able to compare different projects, project versions or plans with actual figures even more efficiently, both from an overall perspective and specifically for individual periods. There will also be some changes in the portfolio area. The goal here is to offer the user a fully integrated solution with which all relevant parameters can be intuitively overviewed and financially managed, from the portfolio overview (with associated reporting options) to detailed questions at the project level.

In order to be able to achieve these goals, we will push ahead with numerous smaller features in the coming months, such as a simplified mapping of charts of accounts or an expansion of the application possibilities of simulations, and will continue to respond to your individual needs. Do you have any questions about our development roadmap? We look forward to your feedback and your wishes. Contact us!



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