How to switch between different feed in tariff models?

In this article you will learn how to capture different feed in tariff models.

With greenmatch you have the possibility to model different feed-in tariff systems:

  1. Click in the edit mode of the concerned sales item on the Input field “Model”. You can choose between:
  • Fix: The feed in tariff applies for a certain duration.

Example: The tariff begins with the start of production and will end after 20 years.


Graphically this looks as follows:

fix graphically
  • Quotal: The feed-in-tariff applies to a certain production quantity. You can enter the quantity in the input field “Compensated quantity of electricity”. You can also choose whether production quantity applies since the start of the production unit or from the time of the transaction (use case: Remaining quantity at the time of the transaction).

Example: The compensated production quantity is limited to 100’000 MWh. The production is cumulated from the commissioning of the production unit and the sales are valid until 100’000 MWh have been produced.


Graphically this looks as follows:

graphically example

To compare: both feed-in-tariff models together:

both tariff models