How does a Capex Exit work?

In this article you will learn how a Capex Exit works.

  1. Click on the Capex that you would like to sell at a desired time and confirm the exit in the input field “Exit” with a check mark.
  1. This opens an additional input field where you can specify the exit date. For more information on how to work with relative date relations, please refer to the article “How to work with relative date relations”.
additional input field

Example: We would like to sell a ground at book value by the end of all production units. The value at transaction is 3,000,000 EUR. The method of depreciation is an appreciation of 2%.


The development of the book value is seen in the balancesheet:

The cash flow statement shows that the ground is bought at transaction for 3,000,000 EUR and sold at the production end at around 4.9m EUR.

Note: Currently you can only model Capex exits at book value. If you are interested in a Capex exit at an individual value, please contact us.

cash flow