How can I model the payment schedule of an Opex?

In this article you will learn how to model “Recurring Payments”.

  1. Click in the edit mode of the concerned Opex Item on the Input field “Method of payment”. You will have the following 4 possibilities:
  • Recurring Payment
  • Recurring Pre Payment
  • One-off Pre Payment
  • Provision

Would you like to get some more information about the method of payment ” One-off Pre Payment” just click here and for more information about “Provision” here.

Recurring payment
  1. In the case of a Recurring Payment /Recurring pre Payment you can also define the time interval between payments more precisely. As standard you can select “monthly Payment”. If your payment cycle differs, you can add an individual payment modality. You will find an instruction to payment schedules here (how to add sales payment schedules).
Method of payment

Example: In our example the Opex is payed every year1 via recurring Pre Payment method. The first invoice is made by default from the time the Opex is incurred, in this example from the start of the production unit.

1To record an annual payment cycle, you must add a method of payment with an annual frequency.


Graphically the pre payment is recognised using the cashflow statement. The start of the production unit is 01.01.2017. Since the invoice is payed in advance , the first payment takes place in December 2016 and is then repeated annually.

If you choose a recurring payment instead of a recurring pre payment, the only difference is that the amount is now paid at the end of the year and the first payment takes place on 12.2017. From this point onwards, payment is made annually.