How can I add opexes in currencies other than the project currency?

Using the currency converter, you can model Opex objects in a currency other than the project currency.

1. Create or open an Opex object.

2. Go to the edit mode and click on the unit besides the value. Now choose “More currencies” in the dropdown menu.

3. Choose the currency of the opex object. The reference currency corresponds to the currency you have chosen in the “Master” section of the project.

4. Now add a new currency template by clicking on “Add Template” (Alternatively you can import a previously created currency template for this currency pair by clicking on “Import Template”).

5. Define a name for the currency template and determine the conversion rate.

6. Save the currency template by clicking on “Save”.

7. Afterwards save the currency translation and the Opex object with two clicks on “Save”

8. The defined exchange rate is now used for this Opex object and you can see the output converted to the reference currency.

Note: You can use the Currency Converter in the “Opex” section at the moment, but we will adapt this feature to other sections soon. Please contact us if you need this feature in another section.