Available price interactions between feed-in tariff and market tariff

In greenmatch, various sales objects can be registered per project. A distinction is made between revenues from electricity sales, consisting of feed-in tariffs, PPAs and market tariffs, and other sales.

If both a feed-in tariff and a market tariff are applied, it must be defined how they interact with each other. The following price interaction modes are available.

Please note that the lines represent the prices (red: feed-in tariff, blue: market price) and the coloured areas represent the generated sales.


As long as one benefits from a feed-in tariff, this tariff is used, even if the market price is higher. Only after the end date of the feed-in tariff the market price is used.


The higher of the two tariffs (“feed-in tariff” & “market price”) is used at all times.


The two remuneration groups “feed-in tariff” and “market price” are cumulated.

Market premium

If the “market price” is below the “feed-in tariff”, the difference between the two is compensated by the market premium. If the “market price” is above the “feed-in tariff”, only the “market price” is used.