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The year 2017 was once again characterised by numerous exciting developments for the renewable energy sector. In particular, the increased turning away from guaranteed feed-in tariffs and the advancing market integration, for example by means of tender systems, pose new challenges to the market players. For example, at the tender in Mexico last November prices of 1.77 USD cents/kWh for wind energy were reached and the wind offshore tender in Germany from April 2017 included bids with 0 EUR cents/kWh.

Renewable energies have come of age and are finally allowed to take part in the competition. That’s why accurate financial planning is becoming increasingly important. Inefficient transactions and inaccurate financial models can lead to significantly lower returns. Accordingly, we have extended greenmatch in the past year with numerous features, which allow you to work even more efficiently and accurately. Find the optimal financing structure and carry out transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively!

The most important greenmatch innovations in 2017:

Efficiently conduct your transactions through the GM Marketplace

The greenmatch Marketplace is the first digital marketplace with an integrated financial model. Do not rely solely on project teasers and information from the seller when you are interested in a project. Simply request the entire financial planning with the push of a button. Therefore, the submission of a non-binding offer (NBO) is possible within a few hours instead of several days as the financial plan contains all relevant project contracts and assumptions.

Benefit from the greenmatch community: Choose the digital way to market your projects or look for interesting projects on our Marketplace. With greenmatch you can reach thousands of contacts with just a few clicks which saves you a lot of time. Learn how to find interesting investment opportunities on the GM Marketplace or visit the GM Marketplace right now.

Contact us for more information on marketing your projects through the GM Marketplace.

Sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations at the touch of a button

 Well-founded risk appraisal and assessment is essential for project financing of renewable energy projects. The more accurate the risks are assessed, the more reliably the expected returns can be predicted. In many cases not even fluctuating energy production is included in the risk / return analysis. In the face of increasing market integration, one can no longer afford to regard the return metrics as a rigid “precision landing”. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to calculate a bandwidth or a probability for achievable returns.

With the new Monte Carlo simulation you can simulate fluctuating energy yields and their influence on the most important project performance indicators.

Read our Knowledge Center article on Monte Carlo simulations or run a sensitivity analysis in greenmatch.

Generate meaningful fact sheets within seconds

Generate a fact sheet of your projects at the touch of a button and save yourself the tedious task of creating project teasers. The factsheet contains general project information, underlying assumptions, key financial metrics, and numerous graphics. You can customise the document with your company logo and adapt it to your corporate design.

Find out more about the Fact Sheet Download.

Map various investor profiles

Differentiate equity cashflows by creating investor profiles and determining the shares of each investor as well as assigning the shareholder loans. As a result, you receive the payout return and the cash flow time series for each investor.

Read our article on mapping various investor profiles.

Keep track of project changes thanks to the log file

Thanks to the new greenmatch log file, you can see which user made a change to a GM Valuation Project at what point in time. You can also restore old versions of your projects. Changes to project modelling thus become more comprehensible and transparent.

Learn more about the log file in our release notes.

Other new features: Option based components, MyData section, Location of your projects and more

Option based components: It is now possible to model option based components with which you can, for example, depict bonus payments for maintenance contracts. An option based component consists of a base fee and a performance-related fee, which is due, for example, when a particular production has been exceeded. Learn more >>

MyData section: Do you have energy price forecasts you wish to make available to your colleagues? You would like to apply an interest rate forecast in other projects? With the new MyData section, you can store and maintain your templates centrally. This saves a considerable amount of time when entering projects.

Location: In GM Valuation, you can now assign a location to each production facility by entering coordinates. The location is visible on a world map which can be used in your report.

Further innovations of the past year:

  • Export of the financial model in a preformatted Excel file
  • Possibility of adding a personal message to the recipient when sharing a project
  • More flexible payment options Learn more >>
  • Recurring payments and recurring pre payments for operating costs Learn more >>
  • A revised and clearer design of your project inputs in GM Valuation
  • And many more improvements

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