GM Marketplace: 3 PV-Plants in Spain and Great Britain for sale

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There are three additional PV-Projects of our partner Solar Portfolios listed on the GM Marketplace:

  • 5 MWp, PV, United Kingdom, in operation
  • 5 MWp, PV, United Kingdom, in operation
  • 2.5 MWp, PV, Spain, in operation

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For more information on this topic, read our Knowledge Center article How to get access to a project on the GM Marketplace.

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The Solar Portfolios Marketplace project in partnership with greenmatch

Solar Portfolios (Spain) and greenmatch (Switzerland) have joined forces to launch an open initiative: the digitalization of the secondary market for renewable energy assets. Based on the technology of greenmatch and the origination power of Solar Portfolios, we will be able to establish a unique and transparent marketplace for solar and wind assets with a number of advantages:

  • Same modeling standard across multiple assets
  • Comparability across different projects and countries
  • Possibility for data aggregation
  • Global scale

The global market for renewable energies (solar and wind) is going to reach 1TW by 2020 and will surely benefit from digitalization to help increase transparency and liquidity.

Solar Portfolios has already listed 200MW of solar projects onto the Marketplace platform and will continue to launch new listings.

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Take advantage of the greenmatch community and choose the digital way to market your projects. Through greenmatch you can reach thousands of potential buyers in just a few clicks which saves you valuable time. We would be happy to support you in the modelling of your projects and the best possible marketing via our platform. Your project deserves to be presented in the best light! Contact us for further information or book a personal online demo session and we will guide you through the functionalities of greenmatch – the financial modeling software for renewable energies.

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