Another year of advancements: greenmatch reviews last year’s developments

12/01/2021 | Tobias Bitterli & Oliver Stock

2020 was a unique year! The coronavirus pandemic called many things into question and caused uncertainty for many people. Hence, we are glad to have persevered with the challenges of 2020 and have realised additional milestones in our software’s further development. Looking back, we are incredibly proud of the following developments:

Year-to-date reporting: viewing key financial figures of the current year

We know that asset managers must have all key financial figures accessible at all times. Comparing planned versus actual asset performance is the basis for identifying and solving potential issues. Year-to-date reporting allows you to have a coherent overview of the current year and provide your shareholders with the most recent figures from production, generated revenues, and operating costs:

Screenshot of an example project with Year-to-date Reporting

Life-to-date reporting: accurately predicting financial performance long-term

The asset’s performance in asset management can be viewed as the current year and over its entire runtime. Life-to-date reporting allows you to analyse the financial performance of a project’s transactions until the end of their term. Continuous comparison with actual figures allows precise predictions concerning possible returns. During this process, all currently available pieces of information (production, revenues, operating costs, taxes, financing structure, electricity price development, interest structure, inflation expectations, et cetera) are taken into account in assessing the remaining runtime:

Screenshot of an example project with Life-to-date Reporting

PPA: identifying the most economical revenue structure for my project

Everyone has to engage with the advancing market integration. The modelling of various PPA structures is a fixed part of current renewable energy financial models. Our software allows you to quickly and efficiently model various PPA structures, for example, pay-as-produced, monthly or yearly baseload. You can also compare which ones are most economical compared to the feed-in tariff and direct marketing. We help you to compare the various scenarios concerning their most economical revenue structure and identify valuable variables. You can find more on this topic in our blog article “Tips and tricks for financial modelling of PPAs”.

Screenshot of PPA-Options


Many greenmatch clients have a diversified international portfolio, requiring them to consider tax systems from different countries. We have listened to our customer’s needs and developed the greenmatch tax-builder. This flexible tool allows the uncomplicated creation of complex tax structures by using formulaic language:

Screenshot of the Tax builder

Own electricity consumption

We were also able to realise an additional, already widely used, development. Our software now allows you to factor in electricity consumption of self-generated electricity in financial modelling:

Screenshot of an example project with own eletricity consumption

In 2021, just like last year, we will realise many customer requests, like the novel and exciting advancements below:

Portfolio management

Our customers’ portfolios grow, just like their needs. That is why we will be presenting several innovations in the area of portfolio management this year. The following features are our focus:

  • Portfolio dashboard: uncomplicated aggregation of nursing care insurance (SPV) key figures
  • Portfolio consolidation: aggregation of planned and actual figures and modelling of the various assets’ company structure
  • What-if portfolio analysis: calculation of scenarios and simulation at portfolio level
  • Internal benchmarking: creation of internal portfolio benchmarks, in particular, at operational expenditure level

Advancements tax-builder to work with and show even the most complicated tax structures

We aim to show all existing tax structures efficiently. Do you have specific cases that drive you mad? We look forward to the challenge. Write us!

Own electricity consumption: additional structuring options

We are working on the option to create a personal consumption profile. It will allow you to set up the proportion of monthly generated electricity that is for own consumption.

Are you looking for something we didn’t cover? We always welcome your ideas and incorporate needs into our development roadmap. Please share your suggestions with us. We look forward to your feedback!


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