How to use MyData?

In this article, you will learn how to use the MyData tab to save templates in order to reuse a copy of them in other projects (currently available for « Indexations », « Price Templates » and « Base Rates »).

Save a template in MyData

Note: The example is based on a price template, which represents an electricity price forecast.

  1. To save a template into your personal MyData tab, click on the desired position.
  1. In the detail view of the template (here price template), you will see the function « Upload to MyData ». Click on the button.
  1. Then you have the possibility to add the document name, tags and a description. Finish by clicking « Save ».
  1. The template is now stored in the MyData library and is available at any time.

Import a template from MyData

Note: The example is based on a price template (electricity price forecast) which is added to the sale « market price ».

  1. If you would like to add a template from MyData to an object, go to the desired position and click « Template » in the input field « Value ».
  1. Choose « Import from MyData ».
  1. Then a window opens, in which you can find all price templates from your « MyData » module. Click « Import to my Project », next to the desired template, to add it.
  1. Now you can see that the template has been added to the « market price » sales item. After clicking « Save », the imported template applies for the chosen object.