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08/09/2020 | Claudio Miozzari

greenmatch publishes guidelines for successful investing in renewable energies

Country-related regulations, swift technical development, and massive amounts of data in all project areas: Managing investments in renewable energies comes with challenges. Utilising a structured approach, in particular, the opportunities digitalisation offers, allows investors to identify the most suitable business opportunities in the world of renewables.

Investment Management Process of Renewables


Our whitepaper ‘Investment Management of Renewables’ provides a step-by-step guideline. The definition of a concise strategy forms the basis for screening projects successfully. It defines the technologies, regions, and project phases in which an investor wants to get involved, as well as the resulting risk profile. The market should then be surveyed, and networks activated to evaluate suitable investment opportunities.

Pre Evaluation and Due Diligence

The pre-evaluation of projects follows the illustration of vital project variables and their comparison with reference projects. Professional and comprehensive financial modeling forms the basis for reacting to changing principles and standing up to internal as well as external scrutiny.

Due diligence is conducted when all partners involved have expressed their interest in concluding a contract. In the process, all assumptions and agreements will be analysed further. The result will be the identification of all risk factors, a corresponding structuring of the project and, ideally, the negotiation of the contracts along with the completed investment requests to the bodies involved.

Asset Management

The management and optimisation of portfolio projects are summarised under the term asset management. We recommend the use of data standardisation platforms for keeping track of the significant developments while processing the data deluge of the portfolio projects. Thus, asset managers can analyse financial and technical data appropriately, which, in turn, allows them to react correctly to secure returns.

Potential for investment in renewables is far from being exhausted

Renewable energies offer a high potential for successful investments. A continuous professionalisation can be observed in the growing market. The use of novel tools can help close the existing financing gap for climate objectives. Our well-structured and approachable whitepaper pursues the same agenda in terms of energy policy.

Click here for the greenmatch-whitepaper

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