The web-based investment application
for renewable energy projects.

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What is green[::]match?

green[::]match is the leading web-based investment application for renewable energies. The highly flexible application models the complete financial project lifecycle of your wind, photovoltaic, hydro and biomass projects and optimizes your workflow. Its collaborative and integrative approach allows projects to be analyzed and executed more efficiently, comprehensibly and reliably. Our solutions empower project developers, investors and banks in making reliable decisions and in increasing the success of their transactions. green[::]match is an innovative model, challenging the narrowness of limited conventional spreadsheet applications.

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The green[::]match product range covers the complete value chain of renewable energy investments. Read more »

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The green[::]match solutions complement investment processes of project developers, investors and operators, banks and advisors. Read more »

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Get support from experts: The green[::]match academy provides you with first-class support as well as training and advice. Read more »


green[::]match users save over 90% of the time they would otherwise need for complex calculations with spreadsheets. Flexible input forms enable efficient modeling of simple as well as complex project structures. Try the features of green[::]match for free today: You can start immediately and without any initial training.


Due to intuitive and clear diagrams, you can keep track of even the most complex project structures. A comprehensive user manual as well as consistent, market-proven calculation logic allow for a high level of transparency and comprehensibility.


Thanks to green[::]match, projects with various structures can be assessed and compared reliably. You can trust that calculations remain consistent across projects. Over 500 users already use the reliable platform and have used it to assess billions of Euros worth of asset volume.