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Number of editable projects 100 25 100 100
Version manager with number of versions per project 10 3 10 10
Export project
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Enter project parameters
Project master data
Objects per project 100 30 100 100
Templates per project 25 5 25 25
1 depreciation & 1 indexation
Asset purchase price (total value of asset at time of assessment)
Relative driving factors
Relative date references
Operating costs cap / floor
Monthly distribution
Integrated financial modeling
Integrated financial modeling per area
Cash Flow Waterfall
Completely-integrated financial model with P&L, CF and balance sheet (Fimo)
Reliable project assessment
Equity and project returns (IRR, payback, break even)
Effective distribution (IRR, payback, break even)
Transaction assessment
Distribution restrictions
Net present value
DSCR output
Target value search (Solvers)
Optimization Checks
Scenarios and Monte Carlo Simulations
Control liquidity and construction phase
Yearly outputs
Monthly and quarterly outputs
Uses & Sources output
Liquidity planning
Detailed construction cost modeling (Capex objects)
Construction loans
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Commenting per project
CSV export
Support & Project Advisory
Application support according to our terms of service
2 hours of project-related advisory
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