Release Notes 1.37 - New Redemption Profiles and Cash Sweep

02/12/2016 | greenmatch

New Features

New Redemption Profiles for Debt and Shareholder Loans

  • Redemption Profile Custom (only for Debt): You can now use a custom monthly based redemption profile for Debt.
  • Redemption Profile None: You can now create Debts and Shareholder Loans without a fixed redemption profile (Applicable for example for subsidies / grants or in combination with a Cash Sweep).

Redemption Profile

Cash Sweep for Debt and Shareholder Loans

It is now possible to model Cash Sweep for debt and shareholder loans. With Cash Sweeps you will use excess free cash flows to pay down outstanding debt and / or shareholder loans.

  • Note 1: Cash Sweep is currently restricted only to debt & shareholder loans whose issuance date occurs after TRX.

  • Note 2: Cash Sweep is currently compatible with "Linear", "Bullet", "None" and "Custom" redemption profiles.


We added a "Share Project" Button to the Project Navigation.


Release Date

3rd of December 2016

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