New Features January 2017

02/03/2017 | greenmatch AG

During the last months, we have been working hard to release numerous features and improvements that you have requested. They offer you new opportunities to model your projects in more detail and in a simpler way:

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Structure your debt financing with the new debt sculpting solver and with cash sweeps

You don't want to fall below a predefined DSCR in your financial plan? With the debt sculpting solver, greenmatch will calculate the perfect, individual redemption profile for your debt financing. The bank is additionally asking for an extraordinary redemption? You can easily model and simulate that with the cash sweep functions. Of course you can still choose between the fixed redemption profiles like annuity, linear or bullet loan. You can now also model subsidies on investments with non-repayable debts.

DSCR after Sculpting

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Track the development of the equity value over the project lifetime with the new valuation graph

Have you always wanted to simulate the evolution of the equity value over the project lifetime? The new valuation graph provides you exactly the right insights in order to be able to determine the value of your project at every point in time. This helps you to coordinate the expected selling price of your project share with your exit strategy. It even simpifies impairment tests because you can give your auditor clear statements about the valuation of your projects.

Valuation graph

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Be successful on competitive auctions with the feed-in-tariff solver

You are not sure about your bidding price for the next competitive auction? Use the feed-in-tariff solver to find the tariff, which is required to achieve your minimum rate of return. With this valuable functionality, you are optimally prepared for all competitive auctions where you have to make a bid on a feed-in-tariff.

Together with the LCOE graph in the greenmatch "Simulation" module, you can easily analyse whether the calculated feed-in-tariff covers the cost per produced kilowatt hour for different production amounts.

Feed-in-tariff solver

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Consider exchange rate exposure with the currency converter

Do you want to assess the exchange rate exposure of your international projects? That's why we developed the currency converter. You can use it for example if the currency of the land lease payments deviate from the main currency.

Currency converter

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New design, tutorial videos and chat

The new design and a clearly arranged project list give you an improved user experience.

Project list

Check out our new Youtube channel with tutorial videos, which help you to get started with greenmatch.

Do you have questions or suggestions? We are looking forward to hearing from you. We implemented a new chat function which you can use to contact us directly from within the tool.

We will continue to do our utmost to further adapt greenmatch to your needs

We will continue to improve greenmatch with weekly updates. Share your experiences with us and help us better understanding your needs (take part in our survey). Focus on your core competences and rely on our flexible, integrated financial model with certified algorithms. Don't waste your time creating and updating your own financial model. Better use the time to challenge the assumptions of the project, negotiate contracts, take your time to interpret yield assessements and gain a crucial competitive advantage to ensure the best possible outcome out of your projects.

About green[::]match

green[::]match is the leading web-based investment application for renewable energies. The highly flexible application models the complete financial project lifecycle of your wind, photovoltaic, hydro and biomass projects and optimizes your workflow. Its collaborative and integrative approach allows projects to be analyzed and executed more efficiently, comprehensibly and reliably. Our solutions empower project developers, investors and banks in making reliable decisions and in increasing the success of their transactions. green[::]match is an innovative model to limited traditional spreadsheet applications.

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