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How to specify different Capex due dates?

19/07/2017 | greenmatch AG | based on greenmatch release 1.57

In this article you will learn how to specify different Capex due dates. This allows you to plan the payment schedule of each Capex in full detail.

  1. To set the Capex due dates, click on the appropriate Capex item.

Capex Item

  1. You have the possibility to work with relative date relations (Earliest Production Start of all Units, Last Production Start of all Units, Transaction) or absolute dates. Would you like to learn more about this topic, read our article: How to work with relative date relations?

relative date

  1. By clicking on the "+" Button you can add several due dates.

add button

  1. Next to every due date opens a new window with percentage rates. In this input field you can enter the percentage share of the costs incurred per due date.

Please be aware, that the percentage value of the first date can not be entered variable. It is automatically calculated from the others so that the sum is 100%.

  1. The cashflows at the different due dates can be seen in the (monthly) cashflow statement.

cash flow statement

cash flow statement 2

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