Greenmatch is perfect for public utility companies, energy providers, institutional investors, private equity funds, asset managers, independent power producers (IPP) and citizens’ energy cooperatives.


Execute a larger number of investments

Accelerate the evaluation of your project pipeline and increase the success of your transactions: With GM Valuation you can create project assessments of exceptional quality at a faster rate, allowing you to focus exclusively on those projects that comply with your investment criteria.

Valuate reliably

Proven, market-tested standards simplify communication with all stakeholders, including sellers, banks and auditors. This increases conformity and trust in a strictly regulated environment. With greenmatch, you no longer need complex spreadsheet calculations and thus avoid modeling risks.

Reduce transaction costs

When it comes to investments in renewable energies, time is of the essence. greenmatch users save over 90% of the time usually needed to carry out an analysis using spreadsheets. Due to resources thus freed you can focus even better on your core competencies.


Are you an investor or operator?

Try greenmatch now and save 90% of the time you would need to model with Excel.