Greenmatch is perfect for project finance banks, development banks, universal banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and Raiffeisen banks, private debt, issuing houses and rating agencies.


Structure reliably and comparably

Renewable energy projects often have a complex structure, meaning that banks are reliant on thorough modeling. greenmatch provides you with the perfect tool to meet these requirements. With GM Valuation, you can create project assessments of exceptional quality at a faster rate. Thus your risks become comparable.

Increase conclusion of loan agreements

Competition for the best credit risks in the renewable energy sector is very high. Achievable margins are steadily diminishing. When it comes to loans for low-risk renewable energies, time is of the essence. greenmatch users save over 90% of the time they would otherwise need for analyses using spreadsheets.

Reduce standard and risk costs

greenmatch’s efficiency and reliability enables banks to reduce standard and risk costs. Proven, market-tested standards simplify communication with all stakeholders, including developers, investors, other banks and consultants. This increases conformity and trust between all parties in this strictly regulated environment.

With greenmatch banks save valuable time

Try greenmatch for free and save 90% of the time you would need to model with excel.