Advisors & Providers

We are happy to build partnerships in the following areas: financial consulting, project brokerage, auditing, Operational management, owner’s engineering, legal consulting, tax consulting, insurance companies, technical assessement, research & teaching, third party software.

How do consultants benefit from cooperation?

  • Broaden product range
  • Increase customer reach and loyalty
  • Contribute ideas to greenmatch
  • Imbed your templates
  • Connect third party software (API)
  • Receive quote and project requests
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“With greenmatch, projects can be analyzed and implemented more quickly, efficiently and comparably. A recommendable alternative to any internal applications.”

Michael Hohn, CEO Doren GmbH

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Which partner offers do we provide?

  • Certified consulting partner
  • Certified training partner
  • Certified auditor
  • Development partner / sponsor
  • Distribution partner
  • Software interfaces


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services. We are happy to assisst you.