GM Valuation

With the certified financial model you can assess and structure your renewable energy projects reliably.

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Valuate renewable energy projects

GM Valuation is the adequate instrument for the transaction valuation and periodical reassessment of your renewable energy projects. The wide range of performance indicators allow you to have the full control over your projects at any time.

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Interact with stakeholders

Manage your internal and external contacts. Easily share projects with the embedded invitation function. You decide yourself which parties are allowed to interact with each other and who gets read and write access. Do not lose time discussing differing spreadsheet calculations, instead focus on the best negotiation result possible.

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Enter project parameters in an intuitive way

Irrespective of your project's complexity, with GM Valuation you can model all of your projects in one single and highly flexible standard. GM Valuation takes into account every possible remuneration system: From simple fixed-price models to certificate systems in interaction with electricity-price surveys. Whether operating costs depend on production, performance, revenues or other driving factors, GM Valuation allows you to flexibly meet such particularities. From construction loans to redeemable loans: a variety of financing options are at your disposal. Choose from various assessment bases and approximate your taxes as accurately as possible. With the help of various templates for even complex time-dependent factors can be mapped.

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Compile fully-integrated financial plans

GM Valuation includes a fully integrated financial plan on a monthly basis. Meaningful charts and tables help you to retrace every detail on level profit and loss, cash flow statement and balance sheet. These show the effects of any changes in the underlying assumptions in real time and thus reduce the risk of compilation errors.

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Control development & construction phase

Independent of whether the complete purchase price of the asset is known, or detailed information about individual components of the acquisition costs are available: structure even the most complex construction projects thanks to intuitive construction cost modeling. Thanks to meaningful charts you can intuitively determine where funds come from and how they are used. With relative date references you can model various temporal dependencies easily and save valuable time.

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Plan liquidity on a monthly basis

GM Valuation includes an intelligent liquidity management. Plan the liquidity situation accurately and detect possible liquidity gaps or traps early on. Thanks to payment terms, you can illustrate payment cycles for revenues and expenses on an exact monthly basis.

Determine purchase price via hurdle rate solver

You would like to know the maximal possible asset purchase price in order to achieve a specific target return? GM Valuation implements this at the touch of a button. This function is especially valuable for tool-managed negotiations. Go through all the assumptions with your contracting party, insert the target return and press the button. The days when transactions were delayed due to short-term model-matching are over: thanks to greenmatch you can react to a change in assumptions directly at the negotiating table.

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Manage project versions

Compare the effects of various assumptions with the Version Manager. Would you like to compare differences between various reports, configurations or quotes? The Version Manager provides you with a convenient way to compare several underlying assumptions.

Comment comprehensively on projects & connect your dataroom

Comment and document your assumptions where they are made. Do you use an electronic data room? The comment editor makes it easy for you to create links to external documents. In this way, assumptions, reports, comments and the corresponding documents are always clearly arranged and at your disposal. Would you like to integrate greenmatch into your existing processes and tools? Use the interfaces to existing solutions.

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Create reports

Compile individual reports quickly with the modular reporting system. Create templates and adapt reporting to your process. Thanks to export functions for every detail and to interfaces for external applications, you can transfer data and information to other systems.