GM Services

Do you need financial advice for renewable energy projects? Our team of experts will be happy to support you.

Benefit from our expertise

Renewable energy projects in an international environment are of complex nature. Hence why, in addition to the standardised evaluation model, we offer a range of consulting and training options. Our experts will be happy to support you in achieving best results possible with greenmatch. No matter whether you are new to the software or if you have been a greenmatch customer for some time - contact us!

Do you need financial advice for your renewable energy project?

We are happy to support you. Contact our team of experts.

A selection of possible services:

Onboarding Services

  • demo sessions via online meeting
  • support in the initial registration of your GM Valuation project (proof of concept)
  • integration of your chart of accounts and activation of GM Asset Controlling

Project Finance Trainings

  • GM Valuation basic training via online meeting
  • individual, on-site project finance trainings

Project Finance Consulting Services

  • financial preparation, structuring and quality checks of your GM Valuation project, e.g. before publication on GM Marketplace or as part of a financing request
  • second opinion on the profitability of your GM valuation project (second opinion)
  • financial pre-evaluation of your purchasing opportunity and support in the indicative initial offer (pre-evaluation & non-binding offer)
  • initial registration and review of projects in operation in GM Asset Controlling
  • storage of sample projects and templates in GM Valuation
  • financial restructuring of your project with GM Valuation (financial re-engineering)

Promotion services

  • newsletter to the GM community regarding publication of your GM Marketplace project
  • mediation of interim and final financing through banks
  • mediation of further partners of interest from the GM Community regarding your renewable energy project
  • support in finding suitable investment opportunities

Outsourcing Services

  • Complete outsourcing of your transaction and asset management processes


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services. We are happy to assisst you.