GM Marketplace

Buy and sell renewable energy projects

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Selling projects

All projects registered in GM Valuation can be offered for sale to potential buyers on GM Marketplace - it only takes a few clicks. Thereby, you can reach the entire greenmatch community.

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Controlling the sales process

With GM Marketplace, as a project seller, you control the sales process by means of a control panel. Every step in the selling process can be individually adapted with regards to what kind of information is disclosed to whom and when.

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Ensuring quality of sales projects

It is in our greatest interest to only publish high quality and interesting projects on GM Marketplace. Our consultants will therefore gladly support you as a seller in the preparation of your project. We also offer the promotion of projects to potential investors via newsletter. Contact us to find out more.

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Accessing interesting offers

Potential investors as well as banks can use the digital marketplace to search for specific projects, check them with regards to common key figures or even model them in GM Valuation with additional assumptions. GM Marketplace includes standardised workflows. Buyers, banks and sellers can negotiate conveniently and conclude transactions through the platform.

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Validation process for buyers

In addition to ensuring project quality in our marketplace, we are equally interested in high quality buyers. Hence why the first project inquiry involves a validation process by greenmatch, ensuring sincerity and quality for both parties involved.

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Priority for new projects

Would you like to know about new GM Marketplace projects ahead of everyone else? Then make sure we know your investment criteria - and we will inform you about suitable opportunities a few days before official publication.

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