GM Asset Controlling

GM Asset Controlling helps you track financial performance of your projects, compare them with the original plan and take action if required.


Monitoring financial performance

GM Asset Controlling enables to monitor and optimise financial performance of renewable energy projects during operation. Create rolling liquidity plans and accurate payout forecasts for individual projects and across your entire portfolio with minimal effort. Due to our holistic and integrated solution, you can easily master the challenge within asset management to increase profitability of renewable energy plants on a long-term basis. Instead of focusing on manual interfaces that are highly prone to error, rather regain overview on budgeting, reporting and valuation processes of your private equity investments that at times can be complex.

With GM Asset Controlling, asset managers can set their focus on analysing the performance of their assets:

  • comparing current performance with defined plan
  • keep track of key financial figures
  • manage liquidity development and distributions
  • identify potential for optimisation

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Use GM Asset Controlling and monitor the financial performance of your renewable energy projects!

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Analysing plan deviations

Thanks to the unique integration of financial plan and actual figures, GM Asset Controlling is the ideal tool for monitoring financial performance of an investment. In addition to the comparison between planned and actual figures, you receive valuable information regarding origin and reasons for deviations. A simple overview helps to delve ever deeper into details including revenues and operating costs as well as taxes and investment costs, and thus enables to take targeted measures.

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Meet reporting requirements

GM Asset Controlling supports asset managers in fulfilling ongoing reporting obligations which are manifold: An asset manager’s daily tasks range from uniform presentation of financial accounts of various project companies, to the integration of budgets and long-term financial plans including ongoing revaluation for each individual investment, all the way to consolidating entire portfolios. Last but not least, these activities involve continuous project management as well as the communication with project partners and stakeholders. With greenmatch, asset managers perform all of these tasks within one single tool.

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Evaluating projects on an ongoing basis

The central challenge of efficient financial asset management lies in linking planned and actual figures. greenmatch therefore integrates the new GM Asset Controlling application directly into the existing GM Valuation tool, ensuring not only a smooth transition between financial plan and actual performance, but also the possibility to continuously reassess projects within one single web app.

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Standardise financial statements

GM Asset Controlling offers a standardised chart of accounts and thus allows the registered projects to be presented in a comparable way. The financial figures are either entered intuitively directly in the application or via CSV import. The connection of common accounting interfaces is planned. For further information, please contact us at any time of your convenience. Ask our experts for assistance in the initial recording of your investments.

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Creating year-to-date reports

In addition to monitoring long-term financial performance, the year-to-date view of financial performance is an integral part of the new Asset Controlling solution, too. The focus here is primarily on the controlling of operating figures such as production, revenues, operating costs and EBITDA, providing the basis for a reliable budgeting and forecasting process.

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Optimising liquidity and distributions

Another focus is rolling liquidity planning. GM Asset Controlling processes the most recent information available to serve liquidity planning. With GM Asset Controlling you can derive recommendations for action directly from the imported data, optimally plan distributions and adapt project-specific payment modalities.

Further development of the GM Portfolio - help shape greenmatch!

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Portfolio management

To date, specific technical upgrades allow for a portfolio overview from several project plans that have been individually put together in GM Valuation. The distribution of returns or the cash flow to equity are only two examples of what such an overview shows. As part of further offerings, GM Portfolio will outline all financial models (income statement, cash flow, balance sheet and key figures).

GM Asset Controlling will then combine the information with the actual financial history. Additional parts of the future scope of product are the setting-up and management of company structure as well as internal benchmarking, providing valuable optimisation suggestions and warnings during project registration.

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