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Manage project portfolio
Read projects
Edit projects
Copy projects
Project list
Number of editable projects 100 3 25 100
Version manager with number of versions per project 10 3 10
Export project
Import project
Enter project parameters
Project master data
Objects per project 100 10 30 100
Templates per project 25 5 25
1 depreciation & 1 indexation
Asset purchase price (total value of asset at time of assessment)
Relative driving factors
Relative date references
Operating costs cap / floor
Monthly distribution
Integrated financial modeling
Integrated financial modeling per area
Cash Flow Waterfall
Completely-integrated financial model with P&L, CF and balance sheet (Fimo)
Reliable project assessment
Equity and project returns (IRR, payback, break even)
Effective distribution (IRR, payback, break even)
Transaction assessment
Distribution restrictions
Net present value
DSCR output
Target value search (Solvers)
Optimization Checks
Scenarios and Monte Carlo Simulations
Control liquidity and construction phase
Yearly outputs
Monthly and quarterly outputs
Uses & Sources output
Liquidity planning
Detailed construction cost modeling (Capex objects)
Construction loans
Share projects
Share reports
Create custom reports
Commenting per project
CSV export
Support & Project Advisory
Application support according to our terms of service
2 hours of project-related advisory
Subscription period
Minimum duration None 30 days 90 days 90 days 90 days
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What is the Pricing for the products GM Simulation, GM Portfolio and GM Marketplace?

These products are not included in the licence packages. Currently your can use GM Simulation and GM Portfolio for free if you have a valid GM Valuation licence. We reserve our rights to price them separately at any time. To use the GM Marketplace, please contact us.

Can I try greenmatch for free?

Yes, you can test greenmatch for free - no credit card required - for 30 days. Register here and you can start right away!

What is the best way to learn the functions of greenmatch as quickly as possible?

We offer free online demo-sessions to get you familiar with the basic functions of greenmatch. You can book an appointment here. If you have further questions please contact our support team ( or +41 61 301 50 00).

What happens when my free trial period expires?

We will inform you in a timely manner before your trial period expires. You then have the possibility to purchase the license package that suits your needs in order to keep full access to the functions of the respecting package of greenmatch. If you decide not to purchase a commercial license your account will be automatically converted into a free guest license. This allows you continued read-access to your projects.

What does project-related advisory mean?

We employ an experienced team of renewable energy project finance specialists. Project-related advisory means that we support you with the financial evaluation (modelling, structuring and optimisation) of your projects.

How long is the minimum term of a subscription?

The minimum term for all commercial license packages is 3 months.

How does the payment procedure work?

You can pay via invoice or - depending on the billing adress of your company- credit card.

Are there discounts for longer terms and do I get discounts?

Yes we grant discounts on longer contract periods. Please contact our sales team to get more information about different offers:

What is an object?

Objects are: Production units, losses, sales, opexes, capexes, debts, reserve accounts, shareholder loans, transaction expenditures and open items. Note: Capexes are only availably in the Professional edition.

What is a template?

Templates are: methods of payment, price templates, depreciations, indexations and interest base rates. Templates can be chosen from within objects, e.g. in sales and opexes you can access price templates.

Will my license be automatically renewed and how can I cancel my license package?

Yes, your commercial license will automatically be renewed (for 3 months) after the end of the license period. You can easily suspend or cancel your license by sending an e-mail to Your license will then be converted into a free guest license after the expiration of your license period.

What happens to my projects when I cancel my license package?

If you don't renew your subscription your license will be automatically converted into a free guest license. This allows you continued read-access to your projects. To edit your projects again you can purchase a new license at any time.