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GM Valuation

Start off your user experience with GM Valuation. From there you can add other products. Based on GM Services, we will gladly help you choose the right solution and integrate it into your existing business processes.

Trial edition

Including all features of the Professional Edition+

  • Free proof-of-concept based on a concrete project (max. 2 hours)
  • After testing phase and without license, projects remain visible in read-only mode
  • Support in choosing the most suitable edition


Integrated financial modeling

275 €

Per user and month plus taxes,
minimum duration of 3 months


25 projects, each including:

  • 3 variants
  • 30 objects
  • 5 templates
  • structuring of individual projects
  • fully integrated financial plan (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement)
  • factsheets and individual reports
  • sharing of projects



Complex structuring options

665 €

Per user and month plus taxes,
minimum duration of 3 months


100 projects, each including:

  • 10 variants
  • 100 objects
  • 25 templates

Including all features of the Basic Edition


  • detailed modelling of construction costs
  • scenarios and Monte Carlo simulations
  • liquidity planning
  • target value search and optimisation tools



Complex structuring options for teams

as from 1200 €

for 2 Professional users per month plus taxes,
minimum duration of 3 months


Including all features of the Professional Edition


  • every additional professional user at 400 EUR / month
  • 25% price reduction on GM services packages


Guest Account

With a Guest Account you can view created projects with reading rights.

GM Asset Controlling

Manage financial performance and increase rate of return on your projects.

GM Asset Controlling

Free trial phase & individual offer

  • 30 days free trial for GM Asset Controlling including Professional Edition of GM Valuation
  • individual offer based on portfolio size and number of project companies
  • implementation of proof-of-concept and evaluation of the origin of variations in return for the test project
  • comparison of chart of accounts; your project companies vs. greenmatch chart of accounts
  • individual support during testing phase, integration into existing processes and ongoing operation
  • direct linking of planned and actual figures via direct integration of GM Valuation and automatised update of financial statements

Upon request:

  • Joint implementation of a real test project incl. preparation of a final report for 2'000 EUR (requirements: a concrete project with corresponding chart of accounts and financial statements; max. 8 consulting hours)

Are you interested in GM Asset Controlling and would you like to know more about the product, the prices, the roadmap and the onboarding process? Then we look forward to hearing from you!


GM Marketplace

Buy and sell renewable energy projects on GM Marketplace

GM Marketplace

For sellers: Pricing upon request

  • For the preparation of a project for GM Marketplace you only need a valid GM Valuation user account
  • Individual offer for the placement of a project on GM Marketplace (fixed fee vs. performance fee based on project size and attractiveness)
  • Optional promotion via newsletter to GM community including thousands of qualified investors
  • Optional preparation by our experts (GM Services)

For buyers: Access requests free of charge in case of positive validation status

  • Access requests to GM Marketplace projects are included free of charge in all GM Valuation editions (incl. Trial and Guest), as long as you have been granted a positive validation status by greenmatch (validation takes place automatically after the first access request for a project on GM Marketplace).
  • Information about new marketplace projects via newsletter
  • Would you like to know about new GM Marketplace projects ahead of everyone else? Then make sure we know your investment criteria and we will inform you about suitable opportunities a few days before official publication.


GM Services

Benefit from comprehensive and knowledgeable support by our experts.


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