Investment management goes digital now!

30/06/2020 | Claudio Miozzari

Digitalisation meets investment management. Digital solutions can provide significant added value for investments in renewable energies in particular. In May 2020, greenmatch specialists held a webinar to show how the potential for optimisation can be utilised.

quotation Moris Gabriel

A study by accenture shows that digitalisation offers the most significant potential for change in the asset management industry. The renewable energy market is in continuous flux. The nature of this dynamic environment makes it crucial to have the latest information and use the most efficient solutions. Digital platforms and their capabilities play a pivotal role here.

In the webinar, Moris Gabriel (born Isik), the COO of greenmatch, shows that many companies need to act: ‘Asset managers have started to utilise the advantages of digitalisation. Thus, they are still at the beginning, which is why numerous assets still have an enormous potential for optimisation.’

Digitalisation as the basis for successful investment management

Moris Gabriel and greenmatch CPO Tobias Bitterli present various measures to use digital investment solutions, from screening over pre-evaluation and due diligence to asset management. Automation provides notable advantages for processes. Too often, technical and financial reporting is still done manually but should be replaced by more efficient solutions. The digital connection between systems and the homogenisation of data can be the basis for swift and concise actions, which bring distinct advantages for successful management. Digital tools significantly improve financial performance and transparency alike.

Successful digitalisation thanks to agile processes

Even so, the set-up of digital solutions continuously poses new challenges. It takes significant flexibility to react to this changing environment and take advantage of novel opportunities. Tobias Bitterli advises asset managers to act pragmatically: ‘Don’t plan the perfect solution from day one, but move forward incrementally to better build on past experiences.’ Furthermore, it is crucial to include each person involved in this journey to reap the digital innovation rewards together. For digitalisation management to be successful, it takes much attention to detail and consistency, as Tobias Bitterli stated: ‘Make digitalisation a strategic priority and set up a flexible process!’

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