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11/03/2020 | greenmatch AG

Martin joined our development team in Basel as a software engineer a few months ago.

Software Engineer at greenmatch AG in Basel

Martin, tell us a few words about you.

In recent years, I had been working in the software development department of a large, global software provider. Namely, in the areas of server, network and endpoint security.

When a blog article drew my attention to greenmatch, I became very interested in the start-up. Then, one thing led to another: greenmatch was looking for employees, I was open towards new challenges. In addition to being interested to getting involved in "green energy", I was also looking to work in a small, open-minded team. greenmatch AG was offering me exactly that - and on top of all, in the beautiful city of Basel. Even though leaving home in Bavaria was not easy, my natural curiosity was greater and was well rewarded.

So, what are your tasks at greenmatch?

As a member of the five-person development team, I am not only responsible for development, but I also manage user experience. This of course involves close cooperation with stakeholders from the management board as well as the sales and marketing team. I highly appreciate the variety of tasks and the corresponding chances to strategically contribute to the development of our product. New ideas are always greatly appreciated here. This makes it fun to get involved in different areas.

Now, that you are working in the renewables business, how do you personally feel about renewable energies?

I believe it should have become clear to everyone by now that climate change is not a mere utopia, but that concrete countermeasures are required urgently. greenmatch AG is a perfect embodiment of this realisation. The opportunity to contribute to change and innovation has always been very important to me, as has the sense of purpose of my work.

Besides, it makes me proud that many large companies in the field of renewable energies trust our software. As I see it, greenmatch offers the right solution at the right time. And that means a lot to me, since it gives me the opportunity to make a professional contribution to environmental protection in addition to my private commitment.

Tell us about your start at greenmatch.

I obviously had certain ideas about what to expect as a developer in a start-up. In fact, the opportunities and risks were by far greater than I had previously known. However, I did feel like leaving the comfort zone of my former employer, namely a billion-dollar-company.

It surprised me all the more to witness the high level of corporate culture at greenmatch. I immediately felt like being part of the team. Things are very people-oriented here and you can tell that everyone puts their heart and soul into their work rather than just doing "any job". It adds energy and brings an incredible dynamic. Until now, I have experienced the team as very professional and committed. Ambitious, yet calm. Considering the many challenges to face, I believe these are ideal qualities.

Martin, many thanks for your time. And may your pleasant start at greenmatch continue.

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