Welcome, Martin Petrasch!

18/11/2021 | greenmatch AG

Martin Petrasch has been part of the greenmatch team since June 2021. In this short interview, Martin gives an insight into his career and his work as a software developer at greenmatch AG.

Welcome, Martin Petrasch!

Martin, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

I grew up in Dresden and studied media informatics at the Technical University of Dresden. I had the opportunity to write my diploma thesis at SAP Research on the topic of developing an access control system for RFID in logistics chains.

Parallel to my studies, I was gripped by entrepreneurship, so I founded an IT company together with a fellow student and was thus able to gain practical experience early on.

How did it come about that you wanted to become a developer? What do you enjoy most about development?

I was already fascinated by the subject of software development when I was at school. At that time, it was mainly the programming of graphic real-time animations that was my main interest. This includes the programming of real-time calculations based on mathematical models.

It's hard for me to pinpoint what exactly I enjoy most about development. I have been able to work on a variety of projects, all of which have been highly exciting and fulfilling for myself. From projects in the field of augmented and virtual reality to large web applications and the implementation of user interfaces for CFD trading apps: the joy of driving something forward in complex systems could perhaps play an important role.

What means working in a start-up for you?

The self-reliant work that comes with a certain independence from unmanageable processes and at the same time a lot of responsibility. This grants you the opportunity to make a difference and to realise yourself. In a start-up, you often work in a young and dynamic team, which is also a great help in constantly developing yourself.

Why renewables and why fintech? or to put it another way: why greenmatch?

greenmatch offers me exactly the right combination of sustainable thinking, a young motivated team and great responsibility in the IT sector. These were the decisive points for me.

What characterises our product from a developer's point of view? What is so impressive about the greenmatch tool?

The technologies used are very modern, highly efficient and form the necessary basis for such a highly complex tool as greenmatch. Thanks to the IT infrastructure used (Kubernetes Cluster), everything is designed in such a way that the greenmatch solution can boast almost uninterrupted availability despite its complexity.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in the further development of greenmatch?

I see the biggest challenge in the greenmatch of the day after tomorrow. The constant increase in complexity in the market and thus in the needs of our customers means that our further developments from today have to be planned with a lot of foresight and potential further needs have to be anticipated. Hiding this complexity and still maintaining and expanding functionality for the customer is a long-term challenge in the further development of greenmatch.

What goals do you want to achieve with greenmatch?

With greenmatch, we can play a significant role in driving the renewable market forward through technological innovation. Through process optimisation based on increased efficiency, the market can be further professionalised and ensure the long-term success that renewables need for all of us.

Thank you very much for the open conversation, Martin!

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