green[::]match repositions itself in the course of a successful capital round

13/07/2021 | greenmatch AG
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Basel - greenmatch AG is taking the next big step and repositioning itself as an enterprise software provider.

Digital solutions were already in the spotlight before the start of the Corona crisis, due to a global increase in complexity. Corona has fastened the increase of demand for professional and digital solutions. As a provider of highly professional financial software, combined with unique expertise, greenmatch was also able to benefit from this accelerated development. The further development of the greenmatch product portfolio, which already took place before Corona, as well as the recently increased demand for consulting services, have led to the intensification of long-term partnerships and the conclusion of new cooperations. For some time now, greenmatch AG has been supporting its clients in a fully integrated process from transaction to asset and portfolio management.

In the course of a strategic focus, a new capital round was successfully completed in January 2021 and a new management was appointed in April. Doreen Pimpl, the new CEO of greenmatch AG, will continue to drive the strategic change towards an enterprise software provider and lead the successful company in its positioning in the enterprise segment. In addition, Christof Seeger, responsible for Sales & Customer Success, will be appointed as authorised signatory.

With its members Matthias Stettler (founder of greenmatch AG), Harald D. Zenke, Gunnar Volkers, Michael Beglinger and the Chairman Jan Lüchinger, the Board of Directors of greenmatch AG will remain in the same composition (since 2019) and will continue to support the new management.

What will change for your collaboration with greenmatch?

greenmatch remains THE web-based financial software for renewable energy. From financial modelling to financial asset management, portfolio management and reporting, the entire financial side of renewable energy projects - regardless of technology, project stage and country - can efficiently be evaluated and managed. Contact us and together we will improve the management of your renewable energy investments! For more information about the company:

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