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01/06/2016 | Thomas Stahel
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greenmatch goes international Since its market entry last summer green[::]match has reached noticeable growth in user numbers especially in the German-speaking area. This fast growth in our home markets allow us to pursue a global expansion strategy as the next step. Our users are excited about this progress in particular because they benefit from the connection of market participants all over the world earlier than planned.

Whether you are a German project developer who wants to market a PV project in South Africa financed by a Spanish Bank to an Australian investor or all the contacts are within your local area doesn't make a difference with green[::]match anymore. Because all parties involved speak the same language time consuming and inefficient discussions about calculation logics in various spreadsheets are not necessary anymore. Generic input masks guarantee a worldwide, cross-technology and project phase independent applicability. Regardless whether you want to input a project with a certificate system, a feed-in tariff or to prepare an auction, the flexibility of green[::]match lets you handle even the most complicated constellations. Thanks to our community - accessible through the Collaborator tool - you can quickly identify your ideal project partners and provide them with substantial qualitative and quantitative information.

In order to provide our users with the above mentioned competitive advantages we re-positioned ourselves and put in place the essential requirements for the steps towards internationalization. With simplified invitation functions via the Collaborator tool and the implementation of the SaaS approach the community will grow even faster. Furthermore, green[::]match does not require any adaptations to or restructuring of existing business processes. Based on the integrative approach of green[::]match these processes are complemented and further optimized.

We always strive to continually improve our solutions and services. In doing so customer feedback is most valuable to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas of improvement.

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