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14/07/2016 | greenmatch
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Efficient How can negotiating partners exchange data and standardised financial plans for renewable energy projects in the most efficient way?

A contractually agreed purchase price for a renewable energy project is nearly impossible to adjust when following up on a completed transaction. That is why financial planning and the corresponding valuation of a project are of high priority. Best practice methods help to create financial models. However, there are often significant differences between the calculation methods of the negotiation parties. During a transaction, these individually interpretable best practice methods often lead to discussions about different calculation logics in the respective financial models instead of negotiations about the parameters. Sometimes, promising deals even have to be terminated because of such discrepancies.These time-consuming discussions require too many resources which, for the benefit of the transaction success, should better be invested in answering technical and legal questions.

green[::]match provides a solution for these problems: the generic application allows for a standardised assessment of projects, regardless of the country of location, the technology used or the project phase, and prevents the wasting of valuable resources on model discussions and adaptations. Our approach lets users benefit from a key competitive advantage in the renewable energy market: an even faster, more exact pricing method! In this rapidly evolving industry, speed is one of the crucial factors for success.

During final negotiations, assumptions are often subject to further adjustments, and the resulting need for short-term model changes may cause a transaction to be delayed. With a tool-based negotiation strategy, you can react to changing assumptions immediately, even while still at the conference table. Reach a consensus on all assumptions together. The GM Purchase Price Solver then calculates your new asset purchase price within seconds based on the expected rate of return.

green[::]match assists you with the structured management of your projects and allows you to undertake more investments due to a higher transaction speed. From the start, you can focus on your essential negotiation points instead of wasting time on modelling. With green[::]match, you are perfectly equipped to hold your own in the highly dynamic renewable energy market.

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