Husum Wind 2021 - We look forward to meeting you in person!

06/09/2021 | greenmatch AG
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Are you also looking forward to meeting your network within the context of a trade fair again? We can't wait to talk to you in person about the past months and provide you an update on our innovations.

Make sure to meet greenmatch at Husum Wind!

Development Review

In addition to various new single features within our software solutions, the focus of the past months has been on the user interface - which you have certainly noticed. By transferring it to a new front-end technology, we were able to further optimise the greenmatch user interface. The areas of opex (operational expenditures), debt and capex (capital expenditures) have already been completely migrated, and the areas of production, sales & taxes will follow soon.

Furthermore, we were able to implement some useful functions, such as the simplified editing of project variants, the input of serial production assumptions and the saving in different versions.

Thanks to our new formula editor, you can now efficiently model highly complex cost and tax items in the areas of opex and taxes.

Asset Controlling and Portfolio in the main focus of further developments

After the most recent optimisations of Valuation, the next major development steps concern the link between the transaction model (Valuation) and Asset Controlling, as well as the further development of the Portfolio section.

The main focus is on improving the usability when creating updated plans and expanding the possibilities for scenario analyses and simulations at SPV and portfolio level. With Portfolio, it will be possible to get an overall view of the financial performance of your project portfolio.

Would you like to learn more about how greenmatch can help you evaluate and manage the financial performance of your investments in renewables? Take the opportunity and secure your personal meeting with greenmatch at Husum Wind!

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