Financial Asset Management of Renewable Energy Projects

14/12/2020 | Claudio Miozzari & Carmen Slatter

greenmatch explains how to proceed with investment in their Webinar

Working with upcoming complexity asks for a clearer way of managing the data for Renewable Energy Projects. The accumulation of countries, technologies and in some cases additional construction projects are challenges when it comes to measure and evaluate projects. At this Webinar held in summer 2020 greenmatch tackles the main challenges in the field of Renewable Energy Projects.

Revealing the Potential

Moris Gabriel sees the potential in making asset management part of the investment management process. During the Webinar he explains the central steps you need to take. It all begins with your interest and what projects you are looking for. Creating a profound network or internal benchmarking are some of the concepts he discusses.

Example of Financial Performance Monitoring

Afterwards he moves to the next step of Due Diligence. He states: «During due diligence, you should make sure that your partners and service providers are coordinated as efficiently as possible. In this step it is particularly important to assess the risks, structure the transaction or financing and negotiate the contracts accordingly.»

As it will be made clear in the Webinar, Financial Asset Management can help make the information about projects presentable and far more understandable. Through standardized financial management your business will improve in efficiency and thanks to this continuous growth you will earn the trust of your business partners. It will allow you to expand your business relationships and new projects can get financed. As a result, it will offer opportunities for more renewable energy projects in order to achieve the climate goals.

Evaluating the Past and Making Progress for the Future

Key for a thriving management is the reoccurring evaluation of data for your plan. The provided data must ensure comparability, reliability, and continuity of the results. Only with the knowledge of your data is the possible improvement identifiable.

«You can’t manage what you can’t measure», states Thomas Stahel as he talks about the importance of collecting the right data for your analysis.

Furthermore, he shows how it is visualized in a comprehensive and efficient way in the GM Asset Controlling Tool. It is specialised to be a major improvement in the following areas:

  • comparing current performance with defined plan
  • keeping track of key financial figures
  • managing liquidity development and distributions
  • identifying potential for optimisation

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