greenmatch - Development Update from October 2021

27/10/2021 | Oliver Stock

Our development team has been very busy since our last development update from 4th June and was able to implement some new functionalities. In this article we give you an overview of the new features.

GM Valuation: Migration to new front-end technology soon completed

We were able to migrate further areas to our new frontend technology, so that all areas from production to taxes now shine in the new design.

GM Valuation: Set equity value manually

Up to now, greenmatch has automatically calculated the required equity capital as the difference between the investment requirement and the modeled financing value, and will continue to do so. However, from now on, you can also manually enter an equity value at a definable point in time:

Manual modeling of Equity Value

GM Valuation: efficient update of templates from MyData

You can now update templates of your projects, such as indexations or electricity price forecasts, with a few clicks using templates saved in MyData. This feature allows you, for example, to apply an updated electricity price forecast to your various projects after saving it once in MyData:

Templates can now be easily updated from MyData

GM Valuation & GM Asset Controlling: Simplified switch between both solutions

From now on you can navigate much faster at project level between GM Valuation and Asset Controlling. In Valuation, next to the link to the data room, you will find an icon with the option "Go to Asset Controlling":

Simplified switch between valuation and asset controlling

In Asset Controlling you can even directly decide which project version (e.g. transaction plan or updated plan) should be called up in Valuation:

Choice between different project versions

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