greenmatch - Development Update from June 2021

04/06/2021 | Oliver Stock

Since our last development update from February 24th, we have been able to implement some further developments. In this article we have summarised the new features for you:

GM Valuation: Saving in all project variants

Thanks to the new feature "Save in all project variants", you can now apply, edit and save Opex assumptions across different project variants.

Opex assumptions can now be saved in all project versions (1/2) Opex assumptions can now be saved in all project versions (2/2)

GM Valuation: Adding serial production assumptions

Should your yield report expect changing production figures over the term, you can now add these figures efficiently via a serial input function:

Insertion of serial production assumptions

You can still store the monthly fluctuations via the "Monthly distribution" module:

Monthly fluctuations of the production assumptions can still be stored in the "monthly distribution" module

GM Valuation: More flexibility in modeling opex positions

Thanks to our new formula editor, you can now efficiently model even the most complex cost structures in the area of operating costs (Opex). To do this, simply select the value "Custom" and create the respective formula using the required variables. Currently, the variables Sales, Sales of the previous period, Net production and Power are available. We would be happy to support you in creating your Opex formula. Simply contact us directly via chat!

Operating costs can now be inserted by using a formula language

GM Asset Controlling: More flexibility for ledger importing

When importing new ledgers into GM Asset Controlling, you now have the choice of importing a horizontally or vertically arranged csv document. This gives you more flexibility and eliminates the need to manually adjust the documents to be uploaded:

Our new ledger import makes manual adjustment of csv documents obsolete

GM Portfolio: Overview of total production and aggregated income statement

From now on, you can view the planned production of your projects aggregated at portfolio level in our portfolio overview:

Keep an overview of your portfolio's production

You can now also call up an aggregated profit & loss statement for your portfolios as a graph and table:

You can also call up an income statement for your portfolio

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