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How can I add opexes in currencies other than the project currency?

How can I model the payment schedule of an Opex?

How to add an Option Based Component to an Opex?

What is the difference between external and internal financing?

How to assign an Opex to a specific production unit?

How to model Opex pre payments?

How to model provisions / decomissioning?

How to import an example project

What is the residual Capex and how is it calculated?

What does "included in asset purchase price" mean?

How to add different depreciation profiles?

How does a Capex Exit work?

How to find the asset purchase price which leads to your hurdle rate?

How to specify different Capex due dates?

How to add sales payment schedules

How to model a market premium feed-in-tariff?

How to calculate the bidding price to participate in a renewable energy auction in Germany

How to add a market price with the use of a price template

How to use the feed-in-tariff solver?

How to switch between different feed in tariff models?

How to create a custom report?

How to print a report?

How to download a PDF report?

How to model a monthly distribution

How to model a biomass project

How to add losses to a production unit

How to add a production unit

How do I model capitalized interests during construction?

How to calculate a sculpted redemption profile?

How does a cash sweep work?

How to model Caps and Floors?

How to work with relative date relations

How to add an indexation?

How to use MyData?

How to download the financial model as an Excel file?

How to model the German Trade Tax?

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