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Getting Started

How to get started

How to import an example project

How to share a project

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General Tips

How can I add a new project version?

How to add an indexation?

How to download the financial model as an Excel file?

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Project Finance

What is the difference between Project IRR, Equity IRR and Payout IRR?

What is the leverage effect?


How to add a production unit

How to add losses to a production unit

How to model a monthly distribution

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How to calculate the bidding price to participate in a renewable energy auction in Germany

How to use the feed-in-tariff solver?

How to add a market price with the use of a price template

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How can I add opexes in currencies other than the project currency?

How can I model the payment schedule of an Opex?

How to assign an Opex to a specific production unit?

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How does a Capex Exit work?

How to add different depreciation profiles?

How to find the asset purchase price which leads to your hurdle rate?

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How does a cash sweep work?

How to calculate a sculpted redemption profile?

How do I model capitalized interests during construction?


How to model the German Trade Tax?

How to use the formula builder


How to get access to a project on the GM Marketplace


How to import actual figures to GM

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